7Why Hamro Hazir?

  • TCP/ IP, USB host
  • Color TFT Screen with GUI Interface for easy using
  • Buil in SSR excel software, Open office, Libre Office
  • Multi Language
  • Battery Backup
  • Simple Access Control or External Bell


  • No more forgotten or stolen passwords.
  • Positive and accurate identification
  • Highest level of security
  • Offers mobility
  • Impossible to forget
  • Serves as a Key that cannot be transferred
  • Safe & user friendly.

Advantages of Bio-metric System

  • Increase security – Provide a convenient and low- cost additional tier of security.
  • Reduce fraud by employing hard to forge technologies and materials. For e.g. Minimize the opportunity for ID fraud, buddy punching.
  • Eliminate problems caused by lot IDs or forgotten passwords by using physiological attributes. For e.g Prevent unauthorized use of lost , stolen or “borrowed” ID cards.
  • Reduce password administration costs.
  • Replace hart to remember passwords which may be shared or observed.
  • Integrate a wide range of bio-metric solutions and technologies, customer applications and databases into a robust and scalable control solution for facility and network access.
  • Make it possible, automatically to know Who did What, Where and When!
  • Offer significant cost savings or increasing ROL in areas such as Loss prevention or Time and Attendance.

How does bio-metric system works?

Bio-metrics systems work by recording and comparing bio-metric characteristics. In many cases characteristics are recorded as images, but for speaker recognition a waveform is recorded. and for signature recognition time series data. For efficiency reasons, rather than using recorded characteristics directly, it is usual to extract identifying features from the samples and encode these features in a form that facilitates storage and comparison. When an individual first uses a bio-metric system, their identifying features are enrolled as a reference for future comparison. This reference may be stored in a central database or on a card ( or both) depending on the needs of the application.